Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Four Ways to Enjoy Your Job Today

Many of us experience days when we are not motivated to go to work and we find ourselves disinterested in the job. It is at those times that we need to remind ourselves of the purpose behind our work and reconnect with our goals.

Below are four ways to approach your job today to help you gain a greater sense of satisfaction.

Strive to do excellent work. It can be easy to float through the day just getting by with “good enough” but it’s difficult to feel passionate about our work when we’re stuck in mediocrity. Whatever tasks you have on hand today challenge yourself to excellence. Take the initiative and strive to do your best, whether it’s cleaning a window to perfection, delivering a stunning presentation at a meeting, or preparing a sandwich at a fast food restaurant. You can improve the quality of the tasks and responsibilities you perform, and take pride in doing excellent work.

Find meaning in your work. In most jobs you can find some meaning in the work that increases your motivation and enjoyment of the work. If you are cleaning bathrooms you can find satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting the health of others by keeping this space clean and hygienic. A cook in a restaurant provides the food that energizes and fuels his customers. Think beyond your tasks and responsibilities today and focus on those who benefit from your work.  

Commit to serve. Look out for opportunities to help and assist others today. Instead of simply focusing on yourself and what you need to accomplish take a look around you. If someone on your team is struggling to complete a task or seems to be overwhelmed offer to help. If you work with the public or have regular contact with customers make a point of asking yourself, “how can I best serve those I come in contact with today?” You’ll likely find that by helping others you’ll experience a greater sense of well-being at work.

Connect with your colleagues. Find some time to interact with your co-workers, to share a laugh, a smile, and to offer some support. Your job will be much more enjoyable if you share the load with others and develop meaningful and supportive relationships with those you work with. 

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