Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Five Unconventional Traits of Successful People

Many of us picture successful people as the loud, outspoken, overly confident guy in the dark suit. He arrives to every gathering in a fancy car and is a bit obnoxious. He’s successful and he knows it.

However, successful people often have traits that run counter to this image and involve having a humble approach to life, along with a real talent for connecting with other people. Below are five traits to cultivate for success.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak. A successful person understands the important of listening and really hearing what others are going through and what their needs are. This enables them to be empathic to others and also to come up with creative ideas and solutions to real problems and issues facing their community and customers.

Be humble. True success and joy in your career path comes from an honest and humble assessment of your skills and victories. It’s necessary to realize that success is usually achieved in collaboration with others. Humility does not mean that we denigrate our successes or think lowly of ourselves but, instead, that we have a true and honest view of ourselves and others, and recognize that our achievements depend on the contributions of other talented individuals. And often even involve some luck.

Spread the credit for success around. Good leaders are sure to recognize the accomplishments of the team and make certain that the contributions of others are appreciated. They are quick to praise others and celebrate the strengths of those around them.

Help others succeed. Successful people are not in it for themselves. They actually seek to encourage and support the accomplishments of others, and aren’t afraid to work on a project or task that might seem “beneath” them or their position. The successful person humbly knows that success and happiness is not finite and they don’t need to “win” at the expense of others.

Generously mentor others. Successful people are curious and continuously learn, and then seek to share their knowledge with others. They do not fear sharing their secrets or “hacks” for success and productivity. They actively seek to mentor and pass on their knowledge and experience to others.
Seek to build and emulate these five traits of successful people.

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