Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Four Things to Do While You're Looking For a New Job

You’ve made the decision to look for a new job and are excited about the new challenges and opportunities ahead. However, before you get ahead of yourself you still need to think about your current situation.

Take care of business in your current position and you will set yourself up for more success when the next opportunity comes along.

Make it a priority to focus on the following four things while you’re looking for a new job.

Do great work. It can be easy to get distracted from your current responsibilities while you’re caught up in the effort to change jobs but it is important to stay focused on finishing strong at your current place of employment. Don’t change your strong work habits and commitment to doing great work simply because you are looking for a new job.

Get some recommendations. Now is a good time to ask your supervisor and even some colleagues to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. If you apply for a job through LinkedIn, these recommendations can assist a prospective employer in identifying the qualities and skills you can bring to a position.

Solidify your network. Reconnect with former coworkers and managers during your job search. Some of these connections might make good references, while others might offer job leads. However, don’t just contact former colleagues in order to gain some immediate benefit for you. Think about how you can be of service to them, as well, and also use this time to develop a plan to stay in regular contact with your former colleagues and soon-to-be former coworkers.

Start some good habits. Think about some new habits that would benefit your life and career and begin to implement them now. You might find it more difficult to do this once you’re faced with the demands of a new job. Do you need to get better sleep, or drink less coffee or alcohol, exercise regularly, or start a meditation practice? Make the effort to change your habits now and you’ll reap the benefits when you start your new job.

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