Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 Steps to Evaluate Your Career Over the Holidays

Over the last several weeks we've discussed some things you can do to enhance your career and your network over the holidays. Today, we'll think about the current state of your career and job and take some time to evaluate where you stand.

Here are five things to consider:

1. Are you learning? Do you have opportunities to learn new skills and develop the ones you have? You'll enjoy your career much more if you're not bored and have the chance to branch out and learn more.

2. Are you developing relationships? Very few of us have no need to interact with others on the job and so it's important that we're developing effective and productive working relationships. Our job is often a place to develop new friendships, as well as expand our our network.

3. Do you have opportunities for advancement? Work can feel frustrating if we seem trapped in our current job and have no opportunities to advance or to move into other more challenging roles.

4. How do you feel on Sunday night? When you're thinking about going to work on Monday morning how do you feel? Do you feel stressed out or are you dreading going into work? If you look forward to the challenges awaiting you that is a good sign that you're in a good place.

5. Are you applying your strengths? You'll enjoy your work much more when you are able to apply your strength and skills, those things you do well, to your job. If you're unable to utilize your strengths at work it is probably a good indication that you're in the wrong position.

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