Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 Tips to Leave Your Job on a Positive Note

Very few of us stay in one job during our entire working lives so we will likely go through the experience of changing jobs.

It can be important to your future career to ensure that you leave your current employer on good terms.

Here are 5 tips to leave your job on a positive note.

1. Give proper notice. Some companies require giving a two week notice when leaving a
job. Be sure to follow your company's requirement here and provide the appropriate notice when leaving your job. You don't want to quit suddenly and leave your employer in a difficult position. Your employer will be less likely to recommend you to a future employer.

2. Get a recommendation. While you are still employed ask your direct manager or someone else familiar with your performance to write a letter of recommendation for you. Do this while your skills and abilities are still clear in the mind of your manager.

3. Connect on LinkedIn. Make your LinkedIn connections with coworkers and managers before you leave the company.

4. Remove personal files. If you have a company provided laptop or computer be sure to remove any personal files on it. You don't want someone else reading about your personal life or seeing how many times you updated your resume while at work. The same goes for any paper copies of personal items.

5. Provide contact info. Be sure to let co-workers, managers, and customers know how they can reach you in the future.

Leaving a job positively can support future job opportunities and can pave the way for you to return to a company at a later time.

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