Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Signs It May Be Time to Quit Your Job

For the last few years, as the job market has been challenging, many of us were just thankful to have a steady paycheck and a stable job. Now that the market has been slowly improving, you may be thinking about whether or not you are happy in your career. Of course, I always recommend putting a lot of thought into this decision. However, there are these few situations where you may want to consider making a change.

Your values don't match the company's values.
This is a deal breaker for most people. If you feel that ethically and morally the company's decisions do not match your own, it may be time to move on. You should seriously consider moving on before you compromise your values and beliefs for a job.

The job is making you ill.
There are jobs out there that are quite literally making people ill. Your job may be asking you for physical exertion beyond what your body can handle, or you may not be getting rest because of stress or long hours. Are you being mistreated at work as the victim of harassment or discrimination? What about that sick feeling in your stomach every day when you have to go into a job that simply makes you unhappy? Sometimes the only answer to taking care of yourself is a change of environment.

You have no passion for your job.
A job will always just be just a job if you do not love what you do. In order to reach your full potential, do what you are passionate about. There is nothing like a day at work that flies by because it is so enjoyable. Think about what it would feel like to be paid to do what you love! Find your passion and pursue it as a career.

You are not being paid market value.
We have all tightened our belts and been willing to wear extra hats in our jobs for the last few years. However, as the economy strengthens, your company may not change its expectations back to where you were before the recession. Do some research in your industry and in your local area to see if you are being fairly compensated. If not, try to have a conversation with your employer. If they are not willing to budge on your salary, you may have to look elsewhere.

Your company is floundering.
I talk with people all the time that claim to have had no idea that they were about to be laid off. When we begin to talk about their company, the signs that the company was in trouble were everywhere and they just chose to ignore them. Keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on within your industry and your company at all times. Know your competitors and build relationships within your industry. Open your eyes to the writing on the wall and get out before you get dragged under with the sinking ship.

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