Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Cities for Finding a Job in 2013

Despite high unemployment rates, some cities in the United States have great job opportunities. If you’re looking in the New Year, here are some recommended locations.

According to U.S. News and World Report writer Danielle Kutzleben, Washington, D.C. is considered one of the most opportune of all cities. Government jobs make up a large portion of these employment opportunities, but many other careers are available in the consulting, non-profit, and education sectors. Oklahoma City, also has over 35,000 government jobs available, as well as a large number of telecommunication jobs.

Also on Kurtzleben’s list are Salt Lake City; Baltimore; and Milwaukee; each with a strong health-care industry and large medical centers/universities that employ thousands. Austin is hot for technology jobs; it’s home to Dell and hosts large offices for both IBM and Apple. Combined, St. Paul and its neighboring twin city of Minneapolis are the headquarters to eighteen Fortune 500 companies.

Hartford, is home to aerospace supplier United Technologies and is the headquarters location for many insurance and financial companies. Also on the east coast, Boston is known for its concentration of universities, not to mention, hospitals, health care, and insurance employers. Plus, New York City is still known for its number of jobs per capita; although unemployment for the city still remains high, jobs in the financial sector and hotel and restaurant industries remain strong.

According to Chad Brooks of BusinessNewsDaily (January 2, 2013) job openings are plentiful in the West in cities such as Phoenix and Tucson, Austin and El Paso, and San Francisco. For more information from BusinessNewsDaily, click here.

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