Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcoming Election: Job Seekers Stay the Course

With the November presidential election around the corner, you may be wondering how the election impacts the efforts of those looking for new or different jobs. The answer lies in generalities. But before exploring these, remember, other predominant factors drive hiring decisions—election year or not. Some of these factors include each organization’s business goals and needs, performance measures, market demands, and other market and industry factors.

Considering the uncertain political landscape and the country’s slow recovery from the current recession, you can see how the job market has undoubtedly been affected. With a sluggish economy, unemployment lingering around eight percent, and marginal job creation, many businesses, like the public, are watchful and waiting to see what will develop after Election Day, as voters elect a new President.

Large and small companies and industry in general are eager to see what role the newly elected President and Cabinet play in the economy. Many are wondering about the effects that changes to taxes, policies, and regulations will have on their business and, ultimately, the bottom line. So many of these factors influence the decisions business and industry make regarding whether to grow and invest in their business sectors, move into new markets, and of course, whether to hire new employees.

Although the upcoming election may prompt a wait-and-watch approach for many companies, job seekers and those changing careers should remain diligent in their job searches and stay the course. No matter what the outcome of the November election, your career goals and personal or family needs should be the driving force behind your job search.

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