Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Benefits of Joining a Job Search Networking Group

As a resume writer, I volunteer several times a year for a local networking group. This is a very organized and structured group of people in the Phoenix Metro area that are dedicated to connecting job seekers with the resources they need to succeed. As I sat in the group earlier this week, I wondered why ALL job seekers don't participate in these organizations.

There are so many different ways a job seeker - or someone looking to further their career - can benefit from joining one or more of these types of groups. Here are just a few highlights.

Solid Job Leads and Referrals
The best job seeker networking groups will put you into contact at every single meeting with employers and recruiters. At the very least, you will meet people who are either in a similar industry or know someone that can serve as a source of referrals. In a job seeker networking group, everyone in the room generally understands the value of networking and is there to exchange information and leads. You simply have to remember to clearly state how the group can help you meet your needs. Take full advantage of the situation!

Finding a "Partner in Crime"
A job search can be very lonely and isolating, especially if all you do is sit at your computer and look online for job postings all day. Get out of the house, meet people in the same situation as yourself, trade tips, and find someone who you can talk to when the going gets rough. Don't look for someone that will whine and complain with you. Instead, look for someone who can serve as a positive influence and motivator when you get frustrated or down.

Access to Experts
Networking groups are free. The exchange of information, ideas, and resources is free of charge. This week, for free, I took my job search expertise and advised a number of people on how to better target and focus their search. If they had not attended this event, they would never have received this information that hopefully improved the efficiency of their job search.

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