Friday, September 28, 2012

Part of Your Job Is Customer Service

No matter what job you have currently or pursue in the future, your job responsibilities will include customer service. Whether you’re interacting directly with the customer or working behind the scenes, your actions affect customers’experiences. With the advent of social media, customer word-of-mouth marketing has taken on new meaning.Social media makes it easy for customers to share experiences on the Internet, with a vast number of people. So, it is no surprise that employers look for and keep employees who can positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately increasing their bottom line. 

Below are a few tips to help you deliver good customer service. 

Make a good first impression: The first impression a customer has with you and your company may determine whether there is a next impression. If that first experience is negative, the customer may not come back. So, whether you are on the front line or in the background, have a customer-centric focus. 

Be Professional and Friendly: Be professional, friendly, and approachable with every customer you encounter. Treat each with respect and let your actions, directly and indirectly, demonstrate that you appreciate their business. 

Be Responsive and Timely: A customer expects a company’s employees to be responsive to his/her needs and address these needs promptly. Better yet, try anticipating customers’ needs before they even ask. At some point, you may have to handle customer complaints. Do so respectfully, listening carefully to their concerns. Acknowledge any mistakes you or your company have made, followed by a sincere apology. Then work together toward a solution. 

Communicate and Manage Expectations: If possible, use customer interaction time to communicate beneficial information about your company’s products or services.Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver, and always set realistic expectations for your customers.

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