Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your First Professional Job Prepares You for Success

You’ve landed your first professional job. Consider it a foot in the door and time to do your very best. Your first professional job can and should be the start of a journey that leads to a rewarding and satisfying career.

Establish a Good Reputation

Make a name for yourself, and make sure it is a positive one. Do this by demonstrating that you are a team player, as well as hard-working, reliable, smart, and willing to listen and learn from others. Work with passion and strive for excellence in every task you undertake.

Learn from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, particularly people who are new to a company and industry. Recognize you’re bound to make a few mistakes; the important thing is how you handle them. Be accountable for your mistakes and inform those who may be impacted. Proactively look for ways to solve any problems you may cause. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Mistakes are great opportunities for learning.

Build a Network

Your first professional job is an opportunity to build strong relationships—relationships that can last throughout your career. Make an effort to meet and network with as many people as you can; take a genuine interest in them and what they are doing professionally. Remember, a strong network must be continually fostered and grown.

By doing your very best in your first job, you will likely open doors to your next, whether it’s an opportunity for advancement with your current employer or another organization. This first job can be the one that puts you on the path to career success.

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