Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Post Grads Should Have a Business Card

I never thought much about business cards when I was in college or even right after graduating. I always thought that only the very professional, high up people had business cards, not recent post grads. Yet, think about it this way. Last April, I attended an event at the university I attended with one of the companies I work with as a freelancer. There were a lot of opportunities to network at this event and one of my colleagues asked if I had business cards to give out. He was shocked when I said no and actually made me write down my information on the back of his business card to give out. I'm sure that looked super unprofessional to give out written information.

Now I make sure I have business cards with me at all times. You never know when the need will strike. For example, last week I was getting my nails done at a new salon where I had a gift card. I was chatting with the nail technician about what I do and she mentioned she had been thinking of advertising and one of the websites I wrote for sounded like a good match for her to advertise. Great opportunity to give her my business card!

So how should you make your business card? These questions can help you:

What type of field are you in? If you're in a more creative field, such as graphic design, you can make your card a bit more flashy and artistic. If you want to be an accountant however, make it a little more simple and professional.

How do you want your potential employers to contact you? Some people might just want their phone numbers or email address or both on their card. I wouldn't put your home address on there just for potential safety risks.

Make your card clear, simple and always professional. It could give you an edge on other post grads that completely forgot about business cards. Tell us, why do you think post grads should have business cards and what should they add to them?

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