Friday, June 10, 2011

New Job: Start Off on the Right Foot

New employees need to acclimate to a company’s culture. In addition, it’s important to start off on the right foot with your new manager and co-workers. The following tips can help you make a favorable impression.

Get More Familiar with the Company

You probably did some initial company research during the interview process, but after you’re hired you’ll want to learn more. During your first few weeks, read as much as possible about the company, including initiatives and projects you may become involved in. The Internet can be a wealth of information, but the company’s human resource department may also know of good sources of company information.

To determine the company culture, just look and listen. Pay attention to how management operates and how information is exchanged between various levels of management and their teams? If long hours are the norm, is it expected or are people happy to go the extra mile? If people are responding to emails and phone calls during non-work hours, is it because they have to or they want to?

Understand Your Manager

Assuming your manager will evaluate your performance, it’s important to understand his/her work style, work goals and objectives, hot buttons, communication preferences, and expectations regarding your work. Consider requesting a meeting within the first week or two to discuss all these matters and to clarify your immediate priorities.

Establish Relationships and Build Credibility

Introduce yourself to co-workers, particularly those you will work with closely. Spark dialogue and learn by asking work-related questions. Be respectful of people’s time; if you think information will be pertinent later, take notes so as to avoid having to ask again. Extend lunch invites to establish rapport. Respond promptly to requests and questions and build trust and credibility by delivering quality work on time.

Maintain a Professional Demeanor

Always project a professional demeanor in your appearance and your actions. For example, arrive to meetings on time, respond appropriately to all requests, listen and take interest in others and their ideas, and keep an organized and professional workspace. Information on workplace etiquette is abundant and accessible on the Internet. Research will help to further your success.

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