Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hobbies That Look Great On a Post Grad Resume

Just graduated college and having trouble finding a job? Sitting at home doing nothing most of your time? It is time to find you something to do besides being discouraged by the constant job hunt! Here are a few hobbies or activities you can do with your free time that you can also add to your resume. Having extra activities that relate to the career you want can only be a bonus. Use this time to increase your chances of landing that perfect gig!

1. Volunteer. Pick a cause and devote your free time after job hunting to it. Bonus points if it relates to your major. For example, if you're an English major hoping to teach kids, volunteer to read to local school kids. If you got your business degree, help out a small non-profit organization in any way you can. These volunteering activities show character and initiative.

2. Take a class. This doesn't mean you have to go back to school. Find classes at a local community center that has something to do with your passion. Interested in an IT job? Take some computer classes to give you a leg up. Want to be a chef? Take a class on how to bake fancy cupcakes if you've never learned that before. These classes are usually short and cheap and can be something to do that shows you love learning and take charge.

Only put hobbies that really matter to an employer on your resume. I wouldn't list all the things you do such as: hanging out with friends, hiking, going online... etc. It will just make your resume unnecessarily long and your potential employer won't care. Only put hobbies that stand out or include ones that pertain to the job or where you received some type of award or outstanding achievement.

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