Friday, June 3, 2011

Job Search Tips for Older Workers

If you are an older worker about to embark upon a job search, pursue it like you would any goal—with optimism and enthusiasm. However, you also need to be realistic. Without question, some older workers are faced with negative typecasting during a job search; for example, some feel the need to prove they are not too set in their ways or less technically astute. The fact is, older workers can have many appealing traits and skills younger workers may not have. Following is a list of examples; if you possess any of these qualities, be sure to highlight them during your job search.

  • Several years of experience, especially if it crosses multiple industries and positions
  • A strong work ethic and sense of employer loyalty
  • A desire to focus on the job at hand rather than office politics or climbing the career ladder
  • Established professional relationships that can be leveraged for business purposes
  • The ability and willingness to mentor less experienced co-workers.

Take advantage of the abundance of information available for guiding older workers in the job market. To get you started with some ideas and tips, take a look at the following:

· Consider using a functional resume to highlights skills and experience derived across many years of employment.

· Highlight ways you stay current in your occupation or industry. For example, do you participate in an industry association or attend training that relates to your occupation and/or industry?

· Demonstrate your comfort with technology. One way is to create a professional profile on a social networking site like LinkedIn.

  • Communicate that you are active both professionally and personally.
  • Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for your work.
  • Pursue growth industries and occupations and don’t be afraid to transition careers.
  • Use job boards geared toward older workers, such as
  • Make a good first impression; a stylish, appropriate, and well-groomed appearance is always appreciated.

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