Monday, March 7, 2011

Beat The Post Grad Relationship Blues

During college, whether you live on campus or commute, there are many ways to make new friends. You talk to new people every day whether it is in class, in a club, at a party, the library, through other friends, and the list goes on. Yet, when you become a post grad, loneliness can set in. Whether your college is far away from your hometown or a few minutes away, you are now away from the social circle that was your world. For me, I went to college in my hometown and commuted. I lived in an apartment even closer to campus for two semesters. Then I graduated and moved back home, earlier than 95% of my friends. Currently, my boyfriend and most of my friends still go to college, some at Oakland University and some at other colleges in the state.

This also really affected me in the job search and it will continue to do so for the time being. I’ve decided to stay in Michigan since my support group of my parents, family, boyfriend, and friends are here. Some people might be okay with moving half-way across the country for a job where they don't know anyone, but I think many people are like me and need that support, especially so soon after graduating. Many post grads simply don't have the money to move to another state and start over, even if they are okay with being somewhere different alone.

Also, I mentioned my internships in my last post and you might say, "Well you should make new friends at those!" Unfortunately I mostly work from home or at someone's home. I love this, but it doesn't really help my social life much. So I've compiled a list of ways to keep close the friends who are busy with school while you work at being a post grad and making new friends when you're simply job hunting or freelancing.

1. Make use of social media. In my last post, I talked all about using social media to your benefit when job hunting. Use it to your benefit when staying in touch too! Remember that your friends are busy juggling classes, fraternities and sororities, clubs and activities, and their own social life at school. It is easy for them to forget about their friend who just graduated, unfortunately. So for the time being, make the extra effort if you have the time.

2. If you're a blogger, connect with other bloggers. I've found many times that people are going through the same things as I am and like to write about it also. Search for blogs on being a post grad and you'll automatically make new friends with someone who is dealing with post graduation highs and lows, just like you. This can also be a great way to network with people you might not meet otherwise!

3. If you don't have the opportunity to meet new people at a new job or internship just yet, connect with new people other ways. Head to your local library, pottery shop, or cake shop to take a class on a new (or beloved) hobby. You'll meet people that share at least one similar interest and chances are you'll have a lot more in common!

4. Take a part-time job. I met some of the best people working at a retail store throughout high school and college. This is a chance to make some extra money while you look for a career you love and a way to meet new people. Sure, you'll probably encounter some difficult personalities, but chalk it up to experience. I guarantee you will make at least one new friend as you make some extra dough!

So whether you're dealing with after college decisions based on your relationships or just looking for ways to keep in touch or make new friends as you job hunt, just be patient. There will be times of loneliness and that is normal! Know that you have a support group no matter what job you end up with or how long it takes you to get there.

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