Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Getting A Job After College!

Being a post grad is scary and in this economy, you need to stand out and make use of all the opportunities and tools you're given. Here are some easy ways to job hunt and find a job you adore right after you graduate.

  1. Network. There is a reason everyone tells you to network: it works! Remember to work hard and try your best at every internship or opportunity you have during school because you never know what type of opportunities you may obtain afterward. If you do an amazing job at an internship, they just might hire you or recommend you to another business.

  2. Get lots of recommendation letters from jobs and professors. Once you're done working hard for a class, job, or internship, always ask for a recommendation letter. This shows that professionals stand behind you and will help a potential employer see all your glowing qualities.

  3. Make yourself a professional website. Use an easy and free website such as to create a simple and professional looking website that features information about you, your resume, published work, and contact information. It is a great way to stand out when potential employers ask for samples of work or more information about you.

  4. Make use of Linkedin. In my previous post on being a social media savvy post grad, I wrote about the benefits of using social media to your job hunting advantage. Linkedin is a great way to network, get your resume, blog, and website out there, and to even search for job openings.

  5. Search for jobs with your college's help. Most colleges and universities have a career center as well as a website that posts job listings. Be sure to talk to their counselors and use any websites they offer. I have found it to be more useful being a post grad than using other websites such as, that are usually more geared toward more experienced professionals.

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