Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

As a job seeker, you should identify things that are important when selecting an employer. Some aspects of the job, environment, and company culture, while not obvious, may impact your job satisfaction.
Below are job characteristics that some employees say are important to their overall job satisfaction. These employees are from a range of occupations and industries. Take a look and consider the following factors when interviewing and before making an employment decision.
  • Pay and benefits: Unquestionably, pay and benefits are important. However, they don’t usually make up for other aspects of the job that might create dissatisfaction. As cited in a BNET blog, Leigh Branham, author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, states that most employees leave as a result of issues with their job, manager, culture, or work environment—and not because of pay.
  • Leadership with vision and purpose: A company’s leaders typically define the vision, purpose, and goals for the business. Ask yourself whether these align with your own professional values and goals.
  • Company culture and work environment: Find out if a prospective employer’s employees feel appreciated and that their work is valued. Is there a sense of mutual respect between management and employees? Does the company care about work and family-life balance? Do employees appear positive and happy? What is the overall energy or vibe in the work environment?
  • Manager’s work style and personality: Who you work for has a big impact on job satisfaction, so find out as much as you can about your prospective boss. What is this boss’s reputation among the employees and management? What is his/her personality like? Ask the boss directly about management style, expectations, and how he/she handles conflict, differing opinions, etc.
  • Opportunity for growth: A new job typically offers many growth and learning opportunities. However, once you settle into the job, what is your career path? Is there opportunity to add new skills and knowledge? Will there be advancement opportunities?

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