Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advance Your Career through Lifelong Learning

The pursuit of knowledge is one of life’s joys. It is also a successful strategy for career planning and advancement. Prospective employers are impressed with people who seek to better themselves.
We all have aspects of our persona we know could use a little improvement. In our society, we are offered infinite opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills—many at relatively low cost. A few common areas in which people seek to improve include:
  • Computer literacy: Some degree of computer savvy is a requirement for most positions. Have you been getting by with the basics of e-mail and word processing? Improve your confidence and what you offer potential employers by taking a course in advanced word processing, spreadsheets, database management, or social media. Such courses are readily available through local continuing education facilities, career retraining programs and libraries.
  • Communication skills: Both written and oral communication skills are essential to personal and professional success. Business writing classes are available at local community colleges and via on-line courses. Programs such as Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie, available in most communities, can help you improve your oral communication skills, including giving professional presentations to clients or speaking up at meetings.
  • Time management/organization: Multitasking is a fact of life today, but how to do it successfully requires a strategy. Good time management skills will stand you in good stead not only in terms of managing work projects, but in the work-life balance. There are many approaches out there. The key takeaway is to use some type of strategy rather than “winging it.” Sources include books, on-line materials, classes, and consultants.

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