Monday, December 13, 2010

Careers with 2011 Growth Potential

Despite the challenging job market, some careers are predicted to grow. As job seekers look ahead to 2011, here are some potential growth careers to consider:

  • Healthcare: Although growth in healthcare may not occur in 2011, the field has significant potential for future job growth as the aging population continues to increase in size. For example, home health aides and personal and home aides will be in high demand as more patients prefer to recover in their own homes – not only for comfort but for cost savings. These jobs require an associate’s degree or two years or less of specialized training. This may be attractive to professionals looking to transition careers without investing a lot of time and money in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Financial Analysts and Planners: Many baby boomers that have not used a financial planner during their careers are likely to look for one as they approach and enter retirement. These baby boomers are looking for a financial analyst or planner who can help them make changes to their portfolio and ensure they have ample savings as they move into this next phase of their lives.
  • Consulting: As the economy recovers and employers start to look for additional labor, they may be reluctant to commit to hiring full-time staff. Instead, employers often turn to consultants. Consultants are often used in disciplines such as marketing, management, information technology, and scientific-related areas.
  • Information Technology (IT) : IT has been hot for over two decades, and the demand for software developers, software testers, and technical writers remains strong. As nearly all business sectors have web-based products or are moving in that direction, IT is an industry that will continue to grow and develop.

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