Monday, September 13, 2010

Use the Change of Season to Revive Your Job Search

As fall approaches, it signals an end to the more leisurely pace of summer and the return to a regular routine and schedule. For job seekers, this may mean reviving your job search, and below are some great ways to get started:

Focus on a plan: If you’ve fallen away from your job search plan or never had one to start with, now is a good time to get focused. Establishing a plan for how you go about your job search and scheduling related tasks into your calendar will help you stay on track.

Refresh and repost your resume: Add any new skills, volunteer work, or other experience to your resume. If you have nothing new to add, consider making slight modifications and reposting it on online job boards. Many recruiters search these job boards for recent resumes that meet their criteria, so it may be helpful to refresh and repost your resume on occasion.

Look at niche online job boards: Your resume may be posted on the large, popular job boards, but also search for and post your resume on online job boards serving professional or industry niches that match your qualifications and interests. These boards could return more targeted job results that may be worth pursuing.

Start cold calling: Most job seekers skip cold calling as a job search tactic because it can be uncomfortable calling people you don’t know. However, cold calling target companies and contacts you’ve identified can pay off in getting an interview or, at the very least, developing a new professional contact.

Broaden your network: Look at ways to expand your network. Tap into contacts that may not be aware of your job search and/or experience. Additionally, seek out new networking opportunities by participating in various groups you may not have considered, such as alumni groups, professional groups in your community and/or church, job seeker support groups, etc.

Refresh your professional appearance: A professional appearance is important, and refreshing yours can give you a boost of confidence. A new haircut or adding an accessory to your professional wardrobe can convey a fresh start. There are even creative ways to revitalize your look without dipping into your pocketbook; for example, consider swapping professional garments with a friend.

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