Monday, September 27, 2010

Importance of Asking Interview Questions

As a job seeker, you'll prepare to answer interview questions in advance. However, are you overlooking the importance of preparing your own questions to ask of those interviewing you?
Studies reveal that hiring managers and recruiters believe the quality of the questions that job candidates ask can be even more revealing than how they answer posed questions. Many express the following complaints about job candidates:
  • Not asking any questions. Interviewers may conclude that you lack genuine interest in the company and the position or that you have poor interpersonal skills.
  • Asking questions that lack relevance. It can serve as a red flag to interviewers that you don’t have an understanding of the position’s role and responsibilities.
Be prepared to ask a mix of strategic-level questions about the organization, its mission, and culture, operation-level questions about management, departments, and satellite offices, and functional questions about the job opening. It significantly increases the likelihood of the following:
  • A recruiter or hiring manager will realize that you grasp the overall scope of the position and have taken the time and effort to construct well-thought questions. 
  • You'll demonstrate your knowledge of the organization, expertise in your given field, and build rapport with those interviewing you.
  • You'll positively differentiate yourself from other job candidates—giving you a competitive edge.
  • It will help you assess whether the job and organization are a good fit with your skill set, goals, and values.
Bottom line: Asking several pertinent questions during the interview process will often determine if the hiring manager extends you a job offer.

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