Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keeping Your Job Search Quiet

If you’re currently employed and looking for a new job, keep your job search quiet so as not to alert management, your boss, or co-workers. You don’t want to jeopardize your current employment situation. Use the following ideas to avoid tipping off your current employer if you’re in the market for a new job:
  • Avoid looking for a job on company time: It’s tempting to concentrate daily time and efforts on finding a new job, particularly when you’re unhappy in your current one. However, you should avoid job searching on company time. This minimizes the risk of your current employer finding out about your search. Besides, prospective employers appreciate that you are conscientious of using your working hours to focus on current job responsibilities and not on personal activities, particularly job searching.
  • Sidestep using company resources for job searching: Even if it’s after hours, avoid using your company computer to store your resume and send job-search-related emails. Also, look for an outside resource for making copies and sending/receiving faxes related to your search.
  • Steer clear of job-search-related phone calls on the job: Avoid making or taking these calls during work hours. If you need to make a follow-up call, do so during your lunch hour or make arrangements for an early or after-hours call. Many recruiters and hiring managers expect and understand this request.
  • Set up interview times outside of core work hours: When you land an interview, you’re inclined to want to accommodate whatever interview time the prospective employer suggests. Even so, you should avoid taking time away from your core work hours when possible. Many recruiters and hiring managers will accommodate you with early morning, evening, or lunch interview times. If this won’t work, consider taking a paid personal or vacation day.
  • Be careful about posting your resume on online job boards: Stumbling across your resume on online job boards can tip of a current employer about your job search. If you’re concerned about your current employer seeing your resume posted online, consider using a new feature that many online job boards now have. It allows you to block selected companies from viewing your resume.
  • Avoid professional dress that shouts “interview”: One of the most obvious ways to tip off co-workers and your manager to your job search is dressing up on interview days. If casual work attire is common in your current company, and you show up with a jacket and tie, you’re bound to raise eyebrows. Consider keeping certain wardrobe pieces, like a jacket and tie, in the car that day. If a complete wardrobe change is required, keep your interview clothes under cover in a garment bag and discreetly change before you head to the interview.

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