Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Skills to Develop to Move Ahead in Your Career

Fortunately, for those who want to get ahead in their careers and continue learning, there are abundant opportunities to develop new skills that can benefit us in our jobs and business life.

Obviously, not all skills are equal or equally-applicable but the following five skills will serve you well in just about any career path you go down.

1. Public speaking. The ability to clearly and effectively articulate your ideas and thoughts to an audience--whether one person, a small group, or at a large conference--can make you a sought expert in your field. Sign up for a public speaking class at a local community college, or join your area Toastmasters club.

2. Project management. Developing the ability to manage a team around the completion of a project or product is a skill sought by many companies. There are many project management training programs and certification options available through local colleges and training companies.

3. Foreign-language. Learning a foreign language can be particularly useful if you work for a global company or want to in the future. Perhaps your company is expanding into a new country or you want to expand your opportunities here. Learning Spanish is a great option for workers in the U.S. and there are classes everywhere, from community colleges and language schools, to online courses available in your home or at the library.

4. Financial management. For anyone interested in moving into leadership or management roles in the future it is important to develop finance and accounting skills. A good understanding of financial management can give you an edge when looking for that first management position.

5. Coding. The influence of technology on the workplace will continue to grow and there will be an increased need for people who can create new technologies and develop new apps. You can learn to code at a local technology school or in the comfort of your own home through an online program like codecademy.

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