Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5 Steps to Improve Productivity and Build Success in Your Life and Career

Many of us struggle with productivity and focus in your jobs and careers. Here are five steps you can try to increase your productivity and find greater success in your job and in your life.

1. There's an app for that. Many routine tasks we need to do in our lives and at work can be made simpler and more effective by using technology to help us. Often we think of technology as enslaving us as we spend too much time on social media but look to find apps and sites like IFTTT to make your life easier.

2. Develop a routine. The discipline of following a routine, similar to an athlete in training, can help you be much more productive than when you let each day rule you with the tyranny of the immediate.

3. Focus on your health and wellness. You cannot underestimate the importance of daily meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and good and adequate sleep on your ability to be productive and successful. Incorporate these aspects of your life into a routine, as mentioned above, and you'll find yourself enjoying greater success.

4. Plan for success. Take time each day to plan out the key tasks and responsibilities you have for the following day. You're more productive when you plan your day out, allowing you to more easily accommodate and integrate surprises into your schedule as they come up.

5. Tackle the most difficult task first. One simple strategy that will pay significant dividends for your productivity is to take on your most pressing task immediately and work to complete it before moving on to something else. You'll find that knocking out a difficult or dreaded item on your to-do list first thing motivates you to get more day and take on some of those things you really enjoy with more energy.

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