Wednesday, November 2, 2016

4 Ways to Network Without Networking

You know you need to expand your professional network yet you can't stand traditional networking events. Perhaps you're an introvert and you find a formal networking event intimidating or you just feel like everything said is insincere.

Whatever your reasons for avoiding networking it doesn't change the fact that an effective network can be very important to your career success, especially when you find yourself looking for work.

So, what are your options? If you don't want to attend a networking event try the following four strategies instead:

1. Get social with professional bloggers. Whatever field you're in there is someone blogging about it. Find the influencers and the voices for your industry and follow their blogs. But don't just follow the blogs. Be sure to comment from time to time about specific elements in a post. You just might find yourself becoming friendly with the blogger and other readers, thereby expanding your network.

2. Attend TEDx events or similar conferences. Get recharged by hearing some great speakers. You'll likely leave more motivated and might have a card or two from the woman sitting next to you or the guy you spoke with during a coffee break.

3. Work in a busy coffee shop. If your company allows you to work remotely consider spending some regular time at a local coffee hot spot. As long as you can get work done it can also be a place to engage in casual conversations with others working there.

4. Join online groups through LinkedIn. Similarly to the first point above, by following and commenting on posts made by others you can become engaged with others with similar interests and in similar jobs.

Implement these four strategies and take your networking to a new level.    

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