Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Getting Back Up After a Job Failure

It is inevitable that we experience some failure in our lives and in our careers but we can take some solace that, unlike the best baseball players, we don't fail seven times out of ten.

Still, failure is hard and many of us fear it and do whatever we can to avoid even the appearance of failure. But failure is a fact of life and by learning how to deal with our failures we can move forward more effectively in our careers.

Here are some tips for getting up after failure on the job.

1. Don't ignore the sting. Failure hurts and it's okay and even necessary to allow yourself to experience the pain of failure. The problem is when we become fixated on our failures and let them define us. No failure completely defines a person and it is important to recognize and feel the pain but then to move forward.

2. Make an effort to understand. Understanding the failure is a key part of moving forward and we need to own our role and part in order to avoid repeating mistakes.

3. Acknowledge what needs to change. When we've come to an understanding of the factors contributing to failure we can identify and acknowledge the changes we need to make and take the necessary steps forward in our career.

4. Practice persistence. A Japanese proverb states: "fall seven times, stand up eight." Failure helps us develop the skill of persistence and not giving up. It is something we need to practice and fortunately we all experience enough failures in our lives to give us the opportunity to practice.

5. Apply new knowledge. Take the insights you've gained from your failure, along with your strengthened resolve and persistence to get back up and be stronger and more effective in your career.


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