Wednesday, November 11, 2015

4 Steps to Your Job Search Plan

So, you're out of work, expect to be unemployed soon, or want to change jobs. What is your plan? In order to effectively move forward and find the right position for your interests and set of skills you need to have a job search plan.

Below are four steps to an effective job search plan:

1. Be specific. What position are you interested in pursuing, and in what industry? One key to your job search is to be as specific as possible about the job you want so you don't waste time, energy, and resources pursuing jobs that don't fit your skill set.

2. Clarify your offer. What is it, exactly, that you bring to the table? What are the range of skills you have that can make you successful in this job? Having a clear understanding of what you can bring to a job will enable you to clearly communicate this in your resume and when speaking with potential employers.

3. Find the right place(s). Where do you want to work? What are you looking for a place of employment? Decide if a startup works for you, or if you prefer a large established corporation. Maybe you'd like to work for a smaller, more intimate family-run business? Being clear about this will again help you be more specific in your search. And also think about location. Are you interested in leaving your city or state?

4. Find the right people. You likely know some people who can aid you in your job search. Or you know someone who knows someone who can assist you. Be sure to reach out to your network. But be choosy. Not everyone can help you. Select those individuals with a connection to the specific job and industry you are pursuing.

Searching for a new job can be stressful but implement these four steps to be more effective in your job search.

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