Friday, February 22, 2013

Today’s Popular and Rigorous High School Career and Technical Programs

Today’s high school career and technical programs look different than those of generations past. Now viewed as a key part of high school curriculum offerings, these programs have grown in rigor and enrollment. Once thought to be geared for students who were not continuing on with a post-secondary education, career and technical education programs today are geared toward preparing high school students for college and post-college careers. These are 21st century careers that are often in high demand and can command high wages.

The curriculum breadth has grown as well; students can now choose from courses in business, law, health sciences, culinary arts, web design, construction management, and much more. Learning is typically project-based, and most students pursue school-to-work or co-op opportunities that allow them to gain hands-on experience while earning credits toward graduation.

Business and industry is welcoming this resurgence and its focus because it produces job candidates who possess ”real-world” experience and acquired skills, like creative problem solving, which are often necessary in the work environment. Many business and civic leaders are involved in helping shape local career and technical education programs. They recognize the value of supporting a program that produces graduates who are poised for future success and who may return to their communities to work after college graduation.

Whether you’re currently a high school junior or senior or the parent of one, if you haven’t explored your high school’s career and technical education program, do so soon. It could make a big difference in preparing you or your child for today’s competitive and global workplace.

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