Friday, February 8, 2013

Phone Interviews: Another Interviewer Tool

Phone interviews are used by some employers as a technique for screening candidates quickly and more cost effectively. They are particularly beneficial when interviewing long-distance candidates. Phone interviews are typically shorter in duration; often lasting around 30 minutes,and as such, questions exploring experience, skills, and strengths are less in-depth.

For some, phone interviews can seem less intimidating than in-person interviews. It may be easier to get comfortable in your own environment, and to focus on the questions and responses without the concern about physical appearance. You can also have reference information at your fingertips, for example, your resume or notes to help you answer anticipated interview questions.

One important thing to consider with a phone interview is that you are unable to communicate through or respond to the other person’s non-verbal body language. You will have to rely on voice quality to convey your interest and enthusiasm in the job and company. And, you won’t be able to fully interpret the interviewer’s receptiveness to you or your responses.

So whether a phone interview feels more comfortable to you or limiting, it is a formal form of interviewing many employers use. As such, like any interview, it requires you to be prepared and do your best. If done well, it can often advance you to the next interview step.

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