Thursday, December 20, 2012

Veteran's Job Search Quiz - Test Your Knowledge, Part 2

In this earlier blog post, I started the job search quiz that will test your knowledge of job search methods. Following you will find part two of the quiz. Take the following test to see if your knowledge of interviewing is as up-to-date as your knowledge of resume writing, which we tested in Part 1 of the quiz.

1. Most employers are well-trained in the art of interviewing and selecting candidates.
False. There is no way to control who is interviewing you for the job you are seeking any more than you can control their skill at interviewing. Unfortunately, many people are tasked with hiring without every being trained in the art of interviewing. Keep in mind that the interview decision is often based on emotions. It is a bit of a "chemistry test" where the employer is evaluating whether or not you fit into the organization.

2. When you interview for a job, you should always address the interviewer as "sir" or "ma'am" the same way you were trained to do in the military.
False. While calling people by "sir" or "ma'am" is indeed a polite sign of respect, it can be disconcerting for a civilian who is used to being addressed by their first name in the workplace. Take your cues from the interviewer and if they are less formal, you should be the same way. Ease up on the formalities and you will demonstrate that you are ready to transition out of the military.

3. No two interviews are alike, therefore there is no true way to prepare for an interview.
False. While it is true that no two interviews are alike and every interviewer asks different questions, the theme of the questions is always the same. It is imperative to prepare your "talking points" about your skills and the benefits you can bring to the organization. The more you prepare yourself to discuss the value you can bring to an organization, the more comfortable you will be in an interview - no matter what questions they ask or what order they ask them in.

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