Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby Boomer Careers: Second Time Around

Many baby boomers have worked in long, prosperous careers only to find they need to keep working. In fact, a whopping 74 percent of today’s workers plan to get another job after they retire, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

For financial reasons or just to keep busy, many are seeking new careers the second time around. Often, they reinvent themselves while looking for something they enjoy, according to author Marci Alboher of The Encore Career Handbook.

Retirees who held corporate positions may have established relationships with companies they can continue to consult with. Volunteer positions at hospitals or non-profits can also lead to new part-time or flex-time job opportunities for this older sector.

In the March 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek, college counselors and funeral directors were noted as comfortable careers for seasoned veterans. Teachers and bloggers also fit the needs of older workers who typically have a lot of experience to share.

Check out resources available to those over 50 looking for second careers. Online websites, such as Work Imagine and LinkedIn, list career opportunities for this age category. Also, AARP offers a Best Employers for Workers Over 50 program that highlights those employers embracing the over-50 generation.

Professional certifications have become a great choice for this generation, and many colleges have designed programs specifically for the older workforce. So if you’re looking for a career a second time around, there are several great options to consider.

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