Friday, October 5, 2012

Community Service Opportunities through Your Employer

More companies are getting involved in community service, and the results are not only rewarding for the organizations but for their employees as well. Many businesses recognize the importance of being socially responsible corporate citizens and the benefits that result when the community is strengthened. In addition, community service often results in positive public relations, which helps to attract loyal clients and employees.

Large organizations typically have community relations teams managing the company’s community service efforts. In these cases, the budget for community service is often generous and its reach may extend globally. Employees are likely to find a multitude of volunteer opportunities at large organizations. Smaller companies typically appoint someone in human resources to oversee their community service efforts, which are typically on a smaller scale. Even so, smaller organizations can accomplish big results by organizing local community service efforts company-wide. Large or small, some companies even capitalize on the benefits of community service activities by structuring them as team-building opportunities.

Like their companies, employees who get involved in community service reap many rewards. For starters, most people find serving in their community to be fulfilling, and they gain a sense of accomplishment knowing they are making a difference. Volunteering at work can be more convenient since the employer handles the facilitating. It can also build camaraderie among coworkers as they collaborate to accomplish a common goal. New skills may be gained while existing skills are fine tuned.

So, the next time your company presents a community service opportunity—get involved; not only will others stand to benefit but you will too.

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