Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five Weekly Career Transitions Roundup

This is our weekly roundup of some of the best career-related articles, interviews, blogs, etc., we've read during the week. We share these every weekend so you have some great resources to prepare you for the coming week. Enjoy!

1. What Can a Three-Year-Old Teach You About Getting a New Job?
"Waiting can be tough, but you can endure anything if you know there's something better coming along."

2. 5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Career Rut
"If you find yourself in a professional rut and think a career-limiting behavior may be holding you back, consider these five ways to pull yourself out."

3. Top 10 Mistakes That Interns Make
"Internships can be incredible learning experiences, but they can also harm your reputation if you don't conduct yourself professionally during them."

4. The 9 Best Tips for Submitting an Online Job Application
"Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of mid-sized companies and almost all large corporations use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen candidates for job opportunities."

5. How to (Finally) Quit Your Job
"As you ride the elevator to the lobby, you visualize your last day at the company. You fantasize about walking into your manager's office, tabling your resignation letter, and cleaning your forsaken cubicle for the final time."

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