Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop The Post Grad Pity Party

Being a post grad is exciting at first. You've got the degree in your hand you worked so hard for. Your future is a clean slate. You are thinking about new jobs, new cars and new apartments. You're finally growing up. Yet after a while, perhaps a few months, reality sets in. Maybe you moved away from most of your friends. Maybe you can't get a job or aren't really sure what you want to do. Maybe you've been rejected and can't afford, well, anything. That's when the post grad pity party sets in. Here's how to squash those feelings:

1. Know what happens, happens for a reason. It may seem cliche, but I really do find this to be true. Think of the last job you really wanted but didn't get. Perhaps you would have had an awful boss or co-workers, maybe you weren't set for that kind of work or maybe there is an even better job offer on the horizon.

2. Take a break from worry, stress and anxiety. We put so much pressure on ourselves to find the perfect career, perfect partner and perfect life. Have faith that if you work hard enough, your life will turn out fabulous. Don't think that if you find that perfect job, then you'll be happy. Find a way to be happy in the meantime.

3. Think of it as a learning opportunity. Don't be discouraged by a bad job interview or missed opportunity. Take it all in as a learning opportunity and learn from your mistakes instead of beating yourself up about it.

Always remember to maintain a positive and hopeful attitude even when things seem really tough. Your dream job is out there and if you work hard and act positively, you'll land it in no time.

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