Monday, March 26, 2012

Living with Your Career Saboteur - Last in a Series

You've done it. You discovered your career saboteur, figured out how it operates, faced it, and now you have conquered it forever.


Remember when I said that the career saboteur appears "any time that you think about engaging or engage in an activity that brings you closer to who you want to be"? The operative words in that sentence is any time. Unfortunately, the saboteur is going to keep coming back into your life, right when you don't need him/her the most, when you are getting closer to the life you dreamed. Up until this point, you might have listened to your career saboteur and backed off, fearful of failing, "them" laughing at you, screwing up, or overextending your reach.

But we both know this is nonsense, a ploy created to keep you safe. You are much stronger, more capable, and more successful than you have imagined yourself to be. And look at you now: you are much better equipped to handle your career saboteur. You know the circumstances when he/she appears. You are familiar with his/her name, back story, and other ways that he/she operates. Finally, you have methods to combat your career saboteur.

And I have some news for you, too: you have beaten your saboteur before. There have been times in your life when you have met a challenge head-on, fighting back the fear, trepidation, and uncomfortableness to achieve...for yourself or for a cause that is much bigger than you. You need only remember, and use this information to propel you to future success. So for your final assignment...

Assignment #4: Your Success List
Create a list of things you have accomplished in your life of which you are proud. Keep it available to add to it any time, and to look at whenever you feel the saboteur appearing. Use it as another line of defense against its power.

There is nothing that you can't create from your dreams. Empower yourself, not your saboteur. Now show the world what you can do.

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