Friday, January 14, 2011

Staying Motivated during a Job Search

For most job seekers, the search process can be long, frustrating, and down-right discouraging. You start out positive and motivated only to find that your motivation depletes after months of receiving very few responses and no job offers. Following are some suggestions for staying motivated throughout your search.

Envision Success

Be realistic—a job search takes time and patience. Throughout the process, visualize your job search resulting in success. Focus on this vision at least once a day.

Set Goals

Setting goals—for example, weekly goals—and acting upon them will help you reach that vision. For example, set a goal for the number of people you plan to network with or the number of target companies you will research each week. Other goals: Attending workshops or classes to sharpen skills.


Prioritize and schedule weekly job-search activities and organize your contacts. Reach out to all your contacts and keep in touch regularly with those who can be most helpful.

Drop Negative Thoughts and Excuses

If you’re still harboring resentment about your last employer, let it go. Start fresh and focus on new career opportunities. Drop excuses for not contacting or sending a resume to the professionals on your list. Excuses are typically just roadblocks that delay your success.

Step Outside, Literally and Figuratively

Leave your computer and step outside! Use the computers and references at the public library or take your laptop to a coffee house. You’ll feel more connected when you’re surrounded by other people. Plus, stepping outside your comfort zone to introduce yourself to new people or experiences can help you grow, personally and professionally.

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