Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep Layoffs at Bay

During market downturns, job security becomes a concern for many. While you have no guarantees of keeping your job during tough economic times, some work practices may help you to avoid layoffs. Try focusing on work traits and practices that employers value, like the following:

Be the “Go To” Expert

There is definite value in having expertise in a functional area within the organization and being the “go to” person for this expertise. Besides possessing the know-how, being reliable and easy to work with can make you uniquely valuable to the organization. Think about ways to increase your knowledge, skills, and reliability within a particular area.

Build Solid Work Relationships

Build good, strong work relationships across the organization and with clients and vendors as well. When teamed with expertise, solid work relationships can be key to keeping your job during a downsizing.

Help Your Manager Achieve Goals

Be aware of your manager’s job responsibilities and goals. In what ways can you help them achieve those goals, minimize challenges, or reduce his/her workload? Be the person on your manager’s team who offers help, consistently delivers quality work, and is dependable.

Be a Team Player

Work well with others and demonstrate a positive attitude. It is important that you are viewed as a team player, not only by your manager, but by others throughout the organization.

Positively Impact the Bottom Line

When it comes time to eliminate staff, management often considers how much each employee contributes to the bottom line. No matter what job you have, you can find ways to help save money or increase business. For example, take initiative to fine tune a process for identifying new customers or reduce spending by negotiating better vendor prices.

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