Monday, July 26, 2010

Things that Irk Hiring Managers

Obviously, as a job candidate, you’re attempting to do everything you can to impress the hiring manager (assuming you want the job). To ensure that you’re impressing and not irritating the hiring manager, it helps to be aware of things job candidates do that can really put off hiring managers. Here is a list of what to avoid if you want to impress a hiring manager:

  • Misrepresenting yourself: There is no excuse for dishonesty. Make sure you represent yourself and your work history and experience honestly.
  • Relentless contacting: Although it is good to display your interest in the job by making contact or following up with the hiring manager, going overboard will be perceived as obnoxious behavior.
  • Name dropping: It is usually helpful to know someone in the company where you are pursuing a job. However, be careful of name dropping in a way that makes the hiring manager feel unduly pressured to move you to the next interview and/or make you a job offer. This is specifically relevant if your contact is in a position of power within the company.
  • Making the assumption you’ve got the job: Remember, until the job offer comes through, don’t make references to the hiring manager that suggest the job is yours.
  • Requiring them to work around your schedule: When a hiring manager or recruiter sets up interviews, there can be some logistical challenges. Although it is understandable if you can’t accommodate the first time slot they suggest, requiring multiple time slot alternatives may be interpreted as a lack of interest in the job.
  • Being late or way too early: It goes without saying that arriving late to an interview is a negative, but so is arriving earlier than 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview. Being pulled away from other tasks to accommodate your early arrival can be annoying to the person with whom you have the appointment.

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