Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asking for a Title Promotion

With companies downsizing their staffs, more employees are finding themselves taking on added responsibilities. If you‘re in a situation with significantly increased responsibilities typically expected of someone at a higher level, you might feel you deserve a title promotion. As you consider this, remember, a job title can serve several purposes:
  • It’s a snapshot of how you fit into the overall organization.
  • It communicates the type of general skills, experience, and/or background you might have.
  • It is often linked to certain performance and professional conduct expectations.
  • Big picture: An accurate title can play a significant role in the type of future job opportunities you are able to pursue outside your current company.

Although many companies are asking their employees to take on added responsibilities, many aren’t in a financial position to offer a pay increase. This shouldn’t stop you from asking for a title promotion now and pursuing a salary bump later, after you’ve spent nine to twelve months setting a solid track record.

Before you approach your manager, make sure you’ve identified specific reasons why you deserve a title promotion. Try to meet with your boss in person to discuss the title promotion but also prepare and submit a written proposal. In the proposal, be sure to list current responsibilities and highlight increased responsibilities. If possible, mention recent career achievements as well as any additional training or credentials you’ve earned.

If your request for a title promotion is denied, remember, with your current title you are still continuing to gain valuable new experience, adding skills, and proving that you can do far more than when the company originally hired you. You are growing professionally, and these experiences will serve you well whether you opt to stay with your current employer or seek other outside job opportunities.

The reward of a job well done can come in various forms: pride in the work you do; praise and recognition from your manager, co-workers, or customers; and the satisfaction of being challenged and finding success as you step outside your comfort zone.

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