Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plan and Schedule Your Job Search

Unemployed job seekers often struggle to manage their time, since their former jobs provided considerable structure to their lives. So, it is imperative to plan and schedule your job search to maintain focus, motivation, and success.

Spend the first week or two prioritizing tasks such as creating or updating your résumé, reviewing your network contacts, and posting your profile on web sites like LinkedIn. You should also plan to identify industries, companies, jobs, and geographic areas to target. Career Transitions' “Explore Careers” section is an invaluable resource for job search targeting.

With your plan in place, create a job search schedule. Decide how many hours to devote to your search and dedicate a set amount of time, typically between three and five days. Allocate blocks of time to the following activities:

  • Research targeted industries, companies, jobs, and geographic areas

  • Apply online via job boards like Indeed (accessible through the “Find Jobs” tab in Career Transitions) and company web sites

  • Write customized cover letters

  • Assemble and mail cover letter/resume packets

  • Follow up on jobs for which you’ve applied

  • Network with support groups, professional associations, and career events

By implementing a job search plan and schedule, you'll gain a sense of accomplishment each week, which will help you stay motivated and focused on successfully landing your next job!

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