Friday, April 16, 2010

Truth in Resumes

When creating a resume it can be a real art to sell and differentiate yourself while not exaggerating the facts. Your resume not only is a means of relating your work experience, education and accomplishments, it’s also a reflection of your character and integrity. A resume should always be accurate and factual. Even a slight exaggeration, when uncovered, can damage your credibility, jeopardize trust, and spoil any chance of your getting an interview. Your resume should contain facts and dates, and you should be able to support any claims that you make. By applying to jobs you are qualified for and that are a good fit, you can be confident and take pride in presenting your resume. Then when you land the interview you can really bring your resume to life by sharing additional details and examples that speak to why you’re the best candidate, as well as demonstrating a sincere interest and enthusiasm for the job.

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