Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do These 5 Things After You Get Promoted

Let’s imagine a big day coming up when you receive the exciting news from your manager that you’re being promoted. Congratulations!

Now what do you do?

Don’t let that first day pass by without doing the following five things:

Be grateful. Let your manager know that you are appreciative of the opportunity and the recognition and that you intend to continue to do your best. If you feel like the promotion is overdue resist the urge to mention this. Simply be grateful for the opportunity that you’ve been provided at this moment.

Give thanks. Let your colleagues, friends, and mentors know about your promotion and be sure to thank them for the role they played in developing the skills and knowledge that brought you to this moment. You didn’t succeed alone, and you’ll continue to receive the support of these friends and colleagues if you recognize them for assisting your career.

Work hard. Resist the urge to leave work early to celebrate. Instead, continue to demonstrate your commitment to excellence by working hard while supporting and serving your colleagues as opportunities arise throughout the day. You likely will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment over your promotion, as you should, but do not let it impact your performance on the job.

Update your resume. Yes, you read that correctly. Now is a perfect time to update your resume with your new job title, along with a description of your new responsibilities, as you understand them. You don’t want to wait until moments of crisis in your career to scramble to get your resume updated. Do it now when you feel enthusiastic about your new position. Also, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile.

Celebrate. You definitely deserve to celebrate your accomplishment. Enjoy a night out with friends and family and be grateful for your new opportunity.

Handle your promotion more and there will be more to celebrate in the future.

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