Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Stay Focused and Organized When Working at Home

Many companies and businesses offer their employees an opportunity to work at home regularly. This can be a great benefit for employees looking for more flexibility.

However, as more employees take advantage of these opportunities, many find that working at home can pose some unexpected challenges.

Here are some tips for staying focused and organized while working from home:

Avoid social media. The temptation can be even greater to check out Facebook or Twitter while you're in the privacy of your own home. Do yourself a favor and don't even open your social media channels in your browser or look at the apps on your phone. You can give yourself some time to take a look during lunch but be sure to log off your social media accounts after your break.

Keep the TV off. You might want a little noise in the background to keep you company but avoid getting that background noise from your TV. The added stimulation of the image can be particularly distracting and cause you to become engage in a show, rather than staying focused on your work.

Use a timer to sustain your focus. Work in short bursts of 45-50 and then take a break. Setting a timer will help you stay on task for a dedicated period of time. This short time of focus will enable you to be single-minded and get a lot done. Take a short break and then repeat.

Give yourself a break. Take a brief break after each 45-50 minute work session. A good way to utilize this break is by taking a quick 5-7 minute walk, preferably outdoors. You'll find yourself refreshed and energized to take on that next task. But it would not be a good idea to take a break by laying down. You just might find yourself taking a long nap and missing the afternoon!

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