Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 Steps to Stay Healthy at Work

Have you ever been in a company and watched a virus run rampant through a work team, keeping people home in droves? It's not uncommon for viruses and illnesses to spread quickly throughout a work area given the proximity to our co-workers, and the often unhealthy environments where we do business.

In order to stay healthy at work implement the following five practices:

1. Participate in work sponsored activities such as yoga or a chair massage. Many companies provide opportunities for employees to focus on health. Some provide an onsite gym, yoga classes, or other sports activities. Take advantage of these opportunities to maintain your health.

2. Get active at regular intervals. If you have a sedentary job be sure to schedule regular times of activity. Set a notification on your computer to let you know that it's time to take a brief walk around the building. If you can do it outside, all the better.

3. Improve the air quality in your work area and keep your space clean. In many buildings the windows do not open and we are subjected to stale circulated air. Keep some plants around your work station to improve the quality of the air around you. In addition, regularly clean and dust your work space to support your health.

4. Practice brief periods of meditation. Again, another useful tip is to practice regular times of meditation. You can combine this with a walk, as described in point two, or you can simply sit quietly at a desk for a few minutes, or catch an empty elevator. Even a few minutes of meditation will help quiet your mind, increase your motivation, and improve your health.

5. Wash hands frequently throughout the day. Finally, be sure to clean your hands often throughout the day. As we go to meetings we shake hands with others, and touch the same door knobs, and work surfaces, increasing the possibility of sharing and spreading viruses.

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