Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Things to Do On Your Holiday Vacation From Work

The holidays are upon us and with it, if you're fortunate, will be a week or two away from the work place.

You should definitely use that time to unwind and relax, while avoiding any stressful thoughts of work or overdoing it with the eggnog.

However, time away from the job can provide an opportunity to evaluate where you are and where you're headed and prepare you for future success. If you'd like to relax on your holiday vacation and also be productive, here are five things you can do:

1. Work on developing a new habit now. Don't wait until January first to start your new routine, whether you want to do yoga in the morning, or go for a run. Get a jump on it and it will be part of your life by the time you return to work.

2. Read a good book. Check out a great read from your local library, perhaps something in a field you're interested in but no very little. This can help generate your creativity and spark ideas that you can take with you back to the office.

3. Connect with an old friend. It's fine to share Facebook posts or messages on twitter but make an effort to meet up with a friend in person, or over the phone if they live out of state. Reconnecting will boost your spirits, increase your energy, and might even lead to deepening your networking contacts.

4. Get a lot of sleep. This is likely on your agenda but sometimes the busyness of the holidays, with family and social events, can keep us running around and needing a break. Be sure to take some time for yourself. The holidays provide a great opportunity to kick back, sleep in, read a good book, or binge-watch that show you've been missing.

5. Set some goals. What do you want the coming year to look like? Take a look at your life and career situation and consider what changes you need to make in order to have a great year. Refer back to point 1 and implement a new habit now, rather than waiting until January 1st.

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