Wednesday, April 13, 2016

3 Attitude Adjustments to Improve Your Career

There are times for each of us when we're feeling stressed or bored at work or in our career and we find it difficult to stay positive and motivated to do a good job.

It is at these times when we might simply benefit from a slight tweak or attitude adjustment to set us back on the right career path.

Here then are three attitude adjustments to make to improve our career and help us better enjoy our job:

1. Gratitude. There is plenty of research to suggest that your well-being goes up when you express gratitude. Why not take some time today to be grateful that you have a job, that you enjoy your co-workers, or that you have a good boss? 

2. Serve. Instead of thinking about you and what you need to get done, turn your attention to your customers and your colleagues. Having an attitude of service to others will enable you to focus on solutions and actions, and will likely have the added benefit of increasing your motivation at work.

3. Humility. Come to work with new eyes. No, I don't mean new glasses, but try taking a look at your work from a new perspective. A perspective of humility. Realize that you don't know everything and that you might just learn something new, even from that know-it-all in the cubicle next door.

Sometimes, instead of changing jobs or getting a promotion, a simple attitude adjustment is all we need to enjoy our work more.  

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