Wednesday, February 17, 2016

4 Communication Tips for Work and Career

The way we speak and what we say--both our words and nonverbal communication--has a serious impact on our career and life success. Developing effective communication skills is integral to meeting your work and career goals.

When thinking about your communication patterns at work keep the following tips in mind:

1. Speak positively about your boss. It is inevitable that your boss will make decisions you don't agree with but you should never discuss this with others in a way that demeans your boss or demonstrates a lack of respect for him or her.

2. Encourage and support colleagues. Develop a reputation as one who praises, encourages, and supports co-workers and you will have others wanting to work with you, including those higher up the chain of command.

3. Do not disparage former workplaces or supervisors. Be sure not to speak ill of former companies, managers, or colleagues. The world is a small place and you might just find yourself working with, or for, some of those individuals again.

4. Speak with confidence. Believe in and own your opinions. Look people in the eye and state confidently what you believe about making the project a success. You will gain the respect of others when they see your confidence paired with your ability to follow-through.

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