Wednesday, January 13, 2016

4 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

For many job seekers the job interview provides great anxiety and pressure, especially if you're currently unemployed and looking to find work as soon as possible.

Here are four tips to prepare for your next job interviewer and help you feel more confident when you greet that potential new employer.

1. Evaluate past interviews. Think about what went well in previous interviews and what might have gone better. Were there questions you were unprepared for? Did you fidget throughout the interview? Honestly consider your interviewing strengths and weaknesses.

2. What value do you bring? Understand and identify two or three strengths that you bring to the job. What are the specific skills or knowledge that you bring to the job? You need to be very clear about the value you bring to every position and ensure that you convey that value clearly throughout the interview process.

3. Practice. Write out your responses to expected questions and practice answering the questions with a friend, family member, or even with the mirror, until you feel comfortable. Watch your body movements and ensure that you project a calm and confident candidate, even if you feel anxious inside.

4. Relax. You'll feel more relaxed and confident if you are prepared for the interview so ensure that you take the necessary time to prepare. In addition, taking some time to meditate, envisioning a positive outcome, and breathing deeply can help you relax and enjoy the interview process.

Good luck on your next job interview!

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