Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3 Steps to Effectively (and Quickly) Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

If you have a profile on LinkedIn (and you should) and you actively work to connect with others then you have likely been asked to write a recommendation for a friend or colleague.

Many people get these requests and have some difficulty knowing where to start or how best to write a recommendation. Here are a few simple tips for writing a quick (yet effective) LinkedIn recommendation.

1. Define your relationship. Include information about how you know the person you are
recommending. For example, "I hired Mike five years ago at XYZ company."

2. Focus on a specific trait or two. You might note that Mike excelled at sales and built strong relationships with his colleagues and customers.

3. Close with a clear recommendation. After you've defined the relationship and highlighted a positive skill or trait be sure to end by recommending the person, i.e., "Mike would be an asset to any sales team and I highly recommend him."

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